Sober Curious and Women Without Kids with Ruby Warrington

Who says a woman needs kids to be happy and fulfilled? A lot of people! But there are more and more women who are choosing to be childless by choice. 

Bestselling author Ruby Warrington joins Brian, Sharna, and Randy to talk about her choice to not have children, the stigma of childlessness and her journey to empower other women to not feel guilty or pressured to make a decision they can't take back. 

The trio also chats with Ruby about the "sober curious" movement she started, including why she began to question her relationship with alcohol even though she didn't have a drinking problem. Plus, Randy opens up about why he started drinking heavily at a young age and how his relationship with alcohol changed as he got older.

Ruby's books, "Women Without Kids: The Revolutionary Rise of an Unsung Sisterhood," and "Sober Curious" are available now.