Hosted by Randy Spelling, Brian Austin Green, and Sharna Burgess – "Oldish" is where age-old questions meet new-age answers; delving into the nuanced and often humorous experiences of aging in the modern world. Each episode features candid conversations among the hosts, who bring their unique perspectives from the worlds of entertainment and wellness.

Randy Spelling, known for his work as a life coach, offers insights into personal growth and the challenges of midlife. Brian Austin Green, a veteran actor with a storied career, shares his experiences and reflections on maintaining balance. Sharna Burgess, a celebrated professional dancer and choreographer, adds a vibrant energy and perspective on staying active and embracing the change life throws at you.

Together, the trio explores a wide range of topics, from health and mindfulness to relationships and career transitions, all with a relatable and engaging approach.

Listeners can expect a blend of heartfelt advice, humorous anecdotes and expert interviews, creating a rich tapestry of content that resonates with anyone navigating the complexities of getting older and finding inspiration, laughter and practical tips for living their best lives at any age.